CAPRICÖRN "Sink in Tears" - Vinyl


As mad as max, Capricörn is back on the road with a brand new album that shatters everything in its path!

Fans of dirty rock'n'roll, punk rock tumbled, under the sludge emerges the class of a striking album.

So let's give way to these madmen and get this album loaded with decibels !


Tracklist :

1. The Vermins

2. Goat, Snake and Spider

3. Cowards

4. The Shame

5. Sinister

6. Always Yes

7. The Devil's Tears

8. Satan's Holiday

9. Sober Is Bullshit

10. Fisherman

LP CAPRICÖRN "Sink in Tears"

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CAPRICÖRN "Sink in Tears" - Vinyl

CAPRICÖRN "Sink in Tears" - Vinyl