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BROKEN BOMB "Full Mental Racket" (LP)

The first album of BROKEN BOMB : Full Mental Racket (Vinyl limited edition).

10 explosives tracks !!! A real blast of punk hardcore, thrash & rock'n'roll.

Vinyl marbled with an insert in limited edition !

Price €17.90


A package with the compilation "Never too Old to Motörhead" (limited edition vinyl splatter) and the split "Acidez/Broken Bomb - Sounds of Fury" (7" limited edition asphalt grey).

With its impressive tracklist, this Motörhead tribute brings together 14 international punk, thrash and rock'n'roll bands.

14 unreleased tracks recorded by the best of the genre, an essential record for all Lemmy and his band afficionados !

On the roads of punk, thrash and rock'n'roll, ACIDEZ and BROKEN BOMB drive at high speed to deliver us 3 explosive tracks.

In reference to Mad Max, this 7" vinyl is full of rhythm and fury !!!

Price €25.00

ACIDEZ / BROKEN BOMB "Sounds of Fury" (EP)

On the roads of punk, thrash and rock'n'roll, ACIDEZ and BROKEN BOMB drive at high speed to deliver us 3 explosive tracks !

In reference to Mad Max, this album is full of rhythm and fury !!!

With a great cover, don't miss this  7" limited edition asphalt grey.

Price €6.90

ACIDEZ "In Punk we Thrash" (LP)

"In punk we thrash", the new album of Acidez is an amazing mix of hardcore punk, thrash and rock'n'roll !

This album is for many the most accomplished of the band, a spicy inferno of punk rock and thrash with unstoppable riffs !

Order now, this superb  "Marbled gold" vinyl version with an insert in limited edition !


Price €17.90

TERRORDOME "Straight Outta Smogtown" (Yellow LP)

With an amazing efficiency, Terrordome reminds us of the first Sepultura and Machine Head with the energy of Discharge and the madness of Ministry

With a superb illustration, this vinyl in Yellow limited edition is highly recommended !

Price €17.90

SYNDROME 81 "Prisons Imaginaires" (LP)

The album "Prisons Imaginaires" from the french band SYNDROME 81 (Brest) make a subtle mix of post-punk, Oï, with new-wave accents.

Raw and delicate, somewhere between cold streets, city walls, stormy cost and sea ; some bitter observations of life, social visions and french lyrics..make you wanna go back again !!

Price €17.90

TERRORDOME "Machete Justice" (milky Clear LP)

The second full length album of Terrordome "Machete Justice".

This polish crossover trash metal quartet strikes again. Sharp as a blade / Fast as a cut !!!

Limited edition Milky Clear vinyl including a bonus track "Pussy Drivers" and a poster inside !

Price €17.90

POWER TRIP "Nightmare Logic" (LP)

an already ultimate thrash crossover classic, with the unstoppable voice of Riley gale rest in power Riley !

In short, an unmissable record, a formidable axe of thrash and metal in limited edition !!

Price €17.99

KRAV BOCA "Pirate Party" (LP)

Here's the fifth album of KRAV BOCA : "Pirate Party", the band still mixing punk, rap and metal. This powerful guitar-bass-drums-mandolin and 2 mc's with french and greek lyrics !

Price €15.00

DEAD BOLLOX "Go mental" (LP)

Dead Bollox is back , with a great album " Go mental" mixing psychobilly , punk rock and rock'n'roll !!

A great production with a top-notch illustration by Paskal Millet !

Vinyl "Marbled Blue", limited edition (300 copies).

Price €15.00

FATALITAS "Fatalitas" (LP)

FATALITAS arrives with a hardcore rap that doesn't care about codes!

On electric beats, Fatalitas beats, smashes and never tires us!

These corrosive texts make more than one spark and his percussive flow is against the current.

Price €14.00