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CENOBITES - "Aftermath" CD

With this album, the band from Rotterdam, irradiates us with a psychobilly with punk and metal !

An explosive cocktail to consume without moderation !

Price €10.00

Dead Bollox "Go mental " CD

Dead Bollox is back, with an excellent album " Go mental " mixing psychobilly, punk rock and rock'n'roll !

A superb production with two great illustrations : Paskal Millet for the cover and Raucous art for the inside !

DON'T MISS this limited edition CD !

Price €9.99

DEAD BOLLOX "Go mental" (LP)

Dead Bollox is back , with a great album " Go mental" mixing psychobilly , punk rock and rock'n'roll !!

A great production with a top-notch illustration by Paskal Millet !

Vinyl "Marbled Blue", limited edition (300 copies).

Price €15.00