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ACIDEZ - "In punk we thrash" CD

"In punk we thrash", the new Acidez album in digipack CD format with a bonus track "Hasta El Infierno"  not available on the vinyl version !

Release date : Available !

Price €11.90
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On this album of brutal death with hardcore punk overtones, Benighted is at the top of a style without concession !

Price €10.00

Hateful Three - Vinyl

This French crossover thrash trio is here to fight, with great riffs and fearsome mosh parts !

With a superb illustration as a cover !

Price €14.00

HELLKNIFE - "Dust of doom" CD

Lovers of crust, raging hardcore punk and infernal D-beat, this record is for you!

A must-have from Germany mixed  by Fredrik Nordström at Fredman Studio, well reknowned for his work with Wolfbrigade, At The Gates etc

Price €10.00

POWER TRIP- "Nightmare Logic" Vinyl LP

an already ultimate thrash crossover classic, with the unstoppable voice of Riley gale rest in power Riley !

In short, an unmissable record, a formidable axe of thrash and metal in limited edition !!

Price €17.90

SP1C - "Spictacular" CD

SP1C brings together Joe fatal, Big leto and Danny diablo in a hardcore rap of a rare intensity !

The flow of these three snipers of the word, is as sharp as a machete !

If danny Diablo, is known for his New York hardcore band "Skarhead", he shows all the extent of his talent with this incendiary album !

Price €11.90