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CHARGER - S/T Vinyle

This new band from the bassist of Rancid, is a rock'n'roll charge without appeal!

Impossible to classify in a narrow box, Charger is a treat for the amateurs of Motorhead, AC/DC, punk, Speedrock, in short the nugget of the year !

Price €15.50

ACIDEZ "In Punk we Thrash" (LP)

"In punk we thrash", the new album of Acidez is an amazing mix of hardcore punk, thrash and rock'n'roll !

This album is for many the most accomplished of the band, a spicy inferno of punk rock and thrash with unstoppable riffs !

Order now, this superb  "Marbled gold" vinyl version with an insert in limited edition !


Price €17.90

FATALITAS "Fatalitas" (LP)

FATALITAS arrives with a hardcore rap that doesn't care about codes!

On electric beats, Fatalitas beats, smashes and never tires us!

These corrosive texts make more than one spark and his percussive flow is against the current.

Price €14.90

TUKATUKAS "Royal Bourbon " - double gatefold Vinyl

The terrible Tukatukas come to us from the island of the meeting, with a tasty punk rock'n'roll !

Spicy as you like, like a good old rum, Tukatukas is a magnificent double album.

And it is of course to consume urgently and without any moderation !  

Price €17.99

CAPRICÖRN "Sink in Tears" (LP)

As mad as max, Capricörn is back on the road with a brand new album that shatters everything in its path!

Fans of dirty rock'n'roll, punk rock tumbled, under the sludge emerges the class of a striking album.

So let's give way to these madmen and get this album loaded with decibels !

Price €14.90