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  • Acidez (MX)
    Acidez (MX)

    Leader band of the punk rock movement, the Mexican band Acidez has built a solid reputation...

  • Banane Metalik (FR)
    Banane Metalik (FR)

    The French band BANANE METALIK has baptised its music "Gore'n'rol". In addition to their...

  • Blatoidea (UK)
    Blatoidea (UK)

    Formed in 2008 based in London, Blatoidea toured and played festivals all around the UK,...

  • Broken Bomb (FR)
    Broken Bomb (FR)

    Broken Bomb is an explosive cocktail of hardcore punk and rock'n'roll ! Founded in 2020, this...

  • Capricörn (FR)
    Capricörn (FR)

    This Breton trio are the worthy offspring of a Lemmy on acid or of a punk rock'n'roll that...

  • Chaos Of Society (TH)
    Chaos Of Society (TH)

    Formed in 2007, Chaos of Society is a powerful street punk band from Bangkok city !


  • Chouch'n Molotov (FR)
    Chouch'n Molotov (FR)

    Scouring venues, festivals, Chouch'n Molotov delivers hardcore punk fusion with committed,...

  • Combat Shock (RU)
    Combat Shock (RU)

    With the album "Everything goes wrong", Combat shock, delivers a crossover thrash album of a...

  • Dead Bollox (FR)
    Dead Bollox (FR)

    In the tradition of bands like Demented are go or Mad sin, Dead Bollox is a band whose...

  • Disturbance (NL)
    Disturbance (NL)

    In a time where quantity seems king, Disturbance refuse to release run-of-the-mill records....

  • Fatalitas (FR)
    Fatalitas (FR)

    FATALITAS stands out with a hardcore rap that doesn't care about codes ! With a percussive...

  • Gravats (FR)
    Gravats (FR)

    Made up of a drummer and a singer-guitarist, Gravats emerge from the darkness!


  • Idriss Sarla (FR)
    Idriss Sarla (FR)

    For his first album "Soul Of Pirate", Idriss Sarla delivers a roots reggae of a rare...

  • Never Too Old To Motörhead
    Never Too Old To Motörhead

    The "Never Too Old To...

  • Recedant Somnia (FR)
    Recedant Somnia (FR)

    Recedant Somnia is a hardcore crust band in the vein of bands like Wolfbrigade, Disfear or...

  • The Discord (FR)
    The Discord (FR)

    Formed on the ashes of Fat Dead Shit, The Discord is a power trio Hardcore metal of a...

  • Total Chaos (USA)
    Total Chaos (USA)

    Founded in 1989, Total Chaos is a leading band of the international punk rock movement. With...

  • Terrordome (PL)
    Terrordome (PL)

    Terrordome is a Polish band playing thrash metal. It is marked by breakneck speed and fast...

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