Combat Shock "Everything Goes Wrong" (LP)


With the album "Everything goes wrong", Combat Shock, delivers a trashy crossover album of a formidable efficiency ! With great blows of implacable riffs, the song is of a virulence without fault to condemn the human madness which plunges us in the chaos and the destruction ! In the vein of a Power Trip or Enforced, Combat Shock is a condensed thrash with a hardcore punk spirit, to mosher with rage in this beleaguered world !


Tracklist :

Side A

A1 -Power Abuse

A2 -Enemy

A3 -Digital Warfare

A4 -Crusade (Against This World)

Side B

B1 -Warlord Of Wasteland

B2 -The First Hour

B3 -Death Sentence

B4 - Everything Goes Wrong

KBR08 LP COMBAT SHOCK Everything Goes Wrong

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Combat Shock "Everything Goes Wrong" (LP)

Combat Shock "Everything Goes Wrong" (LP)